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Ultrasonic transducers for Panametrics thickness gauges

Product Description

Measurement of residual thickness of metal products. Identifies pockets of corrosion of pipes when working with a thickness gauge 26MG, MG2, MG2XT, MG2DL, 37DL.

— run in prism, and the frequency of the piezoelectric element correspond to the nomenclature of Panametrics;
— built-in cable with Lemo 00 connector;
— maximum frequency characteristics of the transducers provide simple calibration of thickness gauges;
— can be used with a thickness gauge of other manufacturers;
— wear indicator of the transducer on the body.


Designation Operating range, mm Element dimensions, mm Frequency, MHz Similar to Panametrics
P112-D706 2–200 18 2,25 D706
P112-D709 1–150 18 5 D709
P112-D792 0,6–25 8 10 D792
P112-D799 1–75 12 5 D799