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Specific gravity cups

Product Description

The cups are used to quickly and accurately determinate the density or specific gravity of liquid paint, varnish and similar products.

Measuring principle
The method consists in definition of weight of an examined material placed in cup with known capacity at certain temperature.

Basic technical characteristics
— made of alluminium alloy;
— capacity 50 ml or 100 ml;
— overall dimensions, no more 52 × 75 mm or 47 × 55 mm;
— weight, max. 90 gramms.

Test procedure
Fill the cup with the material to be tested and close it with cover and leave the vent open. Wipe off the excess material expelled through the vent with a soft material soaked in solvent. Then weigh the cup. The density of coating material Pt (g/cm3) is obtained with formula:

Pt = (m2 – m0) / V, where:
m0 — weight of empty cup in grams
m2 — weight of cup with the examined material in grams
V — capacity, ml

Delivery set
Gravity cup, operating manual, packing. Calibration certificate on special demand.