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Viscosity flow cups

Product Description

Viscosity Cups remain the most important quick and simple method to measure the consistency of fluids in the laboratory and in production.

Measuring principle
The viscosity is established in terms of the time in seconds in which a precisely controlled volume of fluid flows out through the orifice of the viscosity cup.
The kinematic viscosity is determined by the empirical formulas or diagrams and tables depending on flowing time.

Basic technical characteristics
— flow cups are made of aluminum body with a stainless steel orifice;
— this cup holds 100 ml ±1 ml;
— efflux time with the range of 25 to 150 s;
— flow cup DIN 4 with orifice diameter of 4 mm;
— viscosity range 90–682 cSt;
— outline dimensions of the device (without a flow cup stand): diameter: maximum 86 mm, height: maximum 86 mm;

Delivery set
The flow cup, flow cup stand, operating manual, packing.  Calibration certificate, plastic case on special demand.