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TR-straight beam transducers

Product Description

Detection of subsurface defects and thickness measurements of thin sheets. Inspection of objects with high attenuation of ultrasound and heavily corroded surface. Inspection of bolts, studs. Transducers with small contact area suitable for testing of pipes and vessels. Inspection of railway wheels.

— excellent resolution at the surface of inspected objects;
— low influence of radius and roughness of inspected objects to identify flaws;
— rugged, ergonomic transducer housing;
— size and frequency of the piezoelectric element correspond to GE nomenclature;
— compatible with standard cables;
— sockets for Lemo 00 connectors.


Designation Operating range, mm Element dimensions, mm Frequency, MHz Similar to GE
P112-SEB2 2–1000 7 × 18 2 SEB2
P112-SEB4 1,5–2000 6 × 20 4 SEB4
P112-MSEB2 2–400 Ø11 2 MSEB2
P112-MSEB4 1–1500 3,5 × 10 4 MSEB4