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Product Description

The detector is designed to reveal cracks, porosity, inadmissible thinning and other continuity violation of inner and outer protective dielectric coatings (paint and lacquers, powder, foil, bitumen and other dielectric coatings with thickness up to 1 mm) on metallic products with application of pulsed high voltage while an electric spark is fixed by the device in the place of continuity violation or inadmissible thinning.

— adjustable output voltage range: 0.7-4 kV;
— thickness of tested coatings: 0.04-1 mm;
— supplied with specialized rubber electrodes for paint and lacquers coatings;
— digital display showing voltage on electrode;
— high stability of voltage on electrode;
— adjustable sensitivity;
— quick battery replacement;
— battery charging in the device or separately while using the device (two batteries in the delivery set);
— high safety due to pulsed operation mode;
— small dimensions and light weight;
— large selection of replaceable electrodes for different purposes;
— inspection of coatings on concrete and other conductive substrates.

Basic technical characteristics
— coating thickness range:  0.04–1 mm;
— voltage on electrode adjustment range:  0.7–4 kV;
— output voltage adjustment resolution: 0.1 kV;
— type of indication of voltage amplitude on electrode– digital (3-digit);
— operating time from charged battery: up to 20 hours;
— device power source – built-in rechargeable battery: industrial for temperature range: -20 °C…+45 °C; low-temperature for temperature range: -45 °C…+45 °C;
— weight: control unit (with battery): 2 kg; high-voltage transformer-holder, VT1 – 1.3 kg;
— overall dimensions: control unit:  240 × 149 × 52 mm; high-voltage transformer-holder, VT1 Ø 50 × 350 mm.

Delivery set
High-voltage transformer-holder VT1, control unit, specialized rubber or brush electrode, extension rod, charging device, two rechargeable batteries, earth rod, magnet, earth lead, operating manual, thermo bag, case for storage and transportation.
The device may be completed with other replaceable rubber and brush electrodes with inspection zone from 50 to 400 mm and also specialized electrodes for internal and external pipe insulation inspection on pipe diameter from 60 to 1420 mm.


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Rolling spring electrodes
Used to test insulating coatings on the outside surface of pipes. Available for pipes from 80 to 629 mm diameter.
– Electrode B19 is made of beryllium bronze, spring diameter 19 mm. Designed for discontinuity testing of external coating on pipe with diameter from 80 to 424 mm.
– Electrode S19 is made of spring steel, spring diameter 19 mm. Designed for discontinuity testing of external coatings on pipes with diameter from 159 to 629 mm.

Brush (fan) electrode
Designed to inspect dielectric coatings of complex profile.

Brush (hair) electrode
Designed to inspect dielectric coatings with complex profile and larger area.

Internal pipe disk electrodes
Used to inspect insulating coatings inside pipes with the diameter from 30 to 1420 mm.

Crescent-shaped electrodes
Designed to define places of continuity violation on insulating coatings of the pipes from 25 to 1020 mm diameter.

T-shaped electrodes
Used to test dielectric coatings of flat products.


T-shaped tubular electrode (mountable)
Designed to inspect flat dielectric coatings, usually large areas like the roofs of buildings. Manufactured from 200 to 1000 mm. Since it is mountable, the width is adjustable.

Silicone rubber electrodes
Designed to define places of continuity violation on insulating coatings.

Straight silicone rubber electrodes: Suitable for testing coatings on larger flat surfaces.

Round silicone rubber electrodes (with hole): Used to test coatings on the outside of small pipes (from 25 mm diameter).

Curved silicone rubber electrodes: Used for testing the external surface of pipes.

Rubber ring electrodes: Used for inspection of the outer surface of pipes with the diameter from 30 to 1420 mm

Special electrodes can be made according to customer’s own specification.