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Gloss meter FB

Product Description


Gloss measurement of lacquer and paint surfaces, enamel coatings and other materials in the visible range of spectrum with the aim to assess quantitatively human visual perception of gloss level with the angles of light projection and observation 20°/20°; 45°/45°; 60°/60°; 85°/85° and also diffuse reflection (or brightness) measurement with the angles of illumination and observation 45°/0°.

– Two measurement modes – single and statistical with averaging and readings variation in series of measurements.
– The gloss meters is equipped with 1.8” TFT display.
– Possibility to select from two scales for illumination-observation angles 45°/45°.
– According to ISO 7668 and EN 14086 or according to ASTM D 2457 and ASTM C 346.

Basic technical characteristics
– Range of gloss measurement of coatings surface for illumination-observation angles 20°/20°; 45°/45°; 60°/60°; 85°/85°:
20°/20°: 0.0-2000 gloss units;
45°/45°: 0.0-1000 gloss units (according to ISO, EN, ASTM);
60°/60°: 0.0-1000 gloss units;
85°/85°: 0.0-160 gloss units;
– Accuracy (permissible absolute gloss measurement error): ±2 gloss units
– Memory: 2000 measurements with mode, date and time display
– Power supply: built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery
– Connectivity: USB 2.0
– Dimensions: 142 x 43 x 80 mm
– Weight: 310 g
– Continuous operating time: ≥9 hours

Basic technical characteristics
Gloss meter FB, calibration sample of glossy surface, cable mini-USB – USB type A for connection with PC, charging device, operating manual, case (for storage and transportation).