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Product Description

RSWA F1 – Resistance Spot Weld Analyzer

RSWA F1 is an ultrasonic device designed for non-destructive evaluation and quality inspection of resistance spot welds.
RSWA F1 from Tessonics is a portable and easy to use device capable of producing images of spot weld’s internal structures. In addition to live on-screen image, the device estimates the nugget diameter and compares it with predefined minimum nugget requirements.

Using the unique technology of multi-channel ultrasonic matrix transducer, RSWA collects data from the surface and from the internal structures of the nugget. Special algorithms use this data to reconstruct the image of the spot weld and estimate the average diameter of the nugget area in real time.

– single frame a data acquisition modes
– automatic and manual nugget size estimation
– automatic detection of scanning depth inside the metal
– two levels of user interface complexity depending on operator skills
– built-in reporting system and file storage

Metal stacks: 2T and 3T; 0.6–2.4 mm plate thicknesses
Types of materials: mild steel, high strength steel, dual phase ultra high strength steel
Coatings: bare, zinc coating (galvanized, galvaneal), e-coating, paint