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Direct ultrasonic transducers for flaw detectors

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Product Description

Inspection of metal products of simple geometric forms of manual inspection of panels, large forgings, castings. Transducers with small contact surface are designed for inspection of pipes and tanks, testing for exfoliation. Transducers with a large contact surface are used for inspection of products with high attenuation of ultrasound or thick-walled products.

— abrasion resistant protector of the working surface;
— the size and frequency of the piezoelectric element correspond to the nomenclature of GE;
— rugged ergonomic case;
— sockets for Lemo 00 connectors.


Designation Operating range, mm Element dimensions, mm Frequency, MHz Similar to GE
P111-1G 15–2300 24 1 K1G
P111-2G 10–4000 24 2 K2G
P111-4G 7–8000 24 4 K4G
P111-1N 15–420 10 1 K1G
P111-2N 7–2500 10 2 K2G
P111-4N 5–5000 10 4 K4G
P111-5N 4–6300 10 5 K5G
P111-6N 3–7600 10 6 K6G