Product Description

ISO 4624, ISO 16276-1, ASTM D 4541

The device is designated for adhesion determination of paint, lacquer and other coatings between coating layers and between coating and base surface and also for material cohesion determination by pull-off method.


Basic technical characteristics
— pull-off force, N: up to 1800;
— diameter of base of testing dollies, mm: 15,1 (No.1) a 19,5 (No.2);
— pull-off force Fy, MPa: for dolly no. 1: up to 10; for dolly no. 2: up to 6;
— measurement step, MPa: for dolly no. 1: 2; for dolly no. 2: 1;
— overall dimensions (diameter x height), mm: Max. 52 х 150;
— weight, kg: max. 1;


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